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When was Marian founded?
Marian Middle School was founded in 1999 by seven women religious communities seeking to educate young urban adolescent girls. The communities have a long history of service to the St. Louis area with outstanding reputations in education, social work, health care and service to others.

Who may apply for admission to Marian Middle School?
Marian Middle School is committed to serving urban adolescent girls from diverse backgrounds. To be considered for admission each student must qualify for the free/reduced lunch program, demonstrate motivation to pursue a rigorous academic structure, have good behavior, a positive attitude, strong attendance record, and score within the parameters of the admissions exam. Additionally, each student must be supported by at least one caring adult in her family.  The parent/guardian must commit to supporting the student and the school. Mandatory participation includes regular parent-teacher-student conferences and eight hours of service each year. Tuition is nominal and based on the family’s financial situation.  Contact S. Barbara Roche for more information on enrollment.

How much is tuition?
Tuition is nominal and based on the family’s financial situation.  On average, Marian families pay about $40 per month.

How much does it cost to educate one Marian girl?
On average, it costs $12,500 to educate one Marian girl.  Each family is responsible for approximately $400.  The remainder is covered through generous donations from individuals, corporations, grants and foundations.

Can a student with an Individualized Education Plan attend Marian Middle School?
Parents of students who have special learning needs should contact the principal for a meeting prior to admissions testing.  We do sometimes accept students who have Individualized Education Plans if the accommodations can be made by our regular classroom teachers, without the assistance of a special education teaching staff.  A meeting will allow parents to learn which accommodations in the IEP our school can successfully provide and which needs our school might not be able to meet.

Does my child have to be Catholic to attend Marian Middle School?
Marian’s first objective is to provide a quality education to prepare its graduates for college prep high schools.  The students come from all walks of faith, including Baptist, Muslim, and Non-denominational.

What is the Graduate Support Program?
The Graduate Support Program supports Marian graduates financially, emotionally and socially through their high school years.  Students attending tuition based schools receive partial scholarships from Marian to make their education more affordable.

What is the NativityMiguel model of education?
The national NativityMiguel network serves over 60 middle schools in 27 states.  Each school adheres to nine standards, including extended day and year, faith-based, and serving the economically poor and marginalized.

What neighborhoods do most of your students come from? 
Marian Middle School serves urban adolescent girls from the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, representing over 20 different zip codes.  Most of our students live in the south city neighborhoods, but some travel from as far north as Black Jack, Missouri and as far east at East. St. Louis, Illinois.

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