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The curriculum at Marian Middle School is designed to meet each student where she is, to take into account her challenges and strengths, and bring her to the highest possible level of academic achievement when she graduates.  We are a college preparatory middle school which provides a rigorous academic experience for each student.  Our curriculum includes, but is not limited to mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, religion, and Spanish.  Class sizes are 20 students or fewer and, with numerous volunteers, allow for individualization and extra support so that we can set our standards high and expect maximum academic achievement.

Our students also enjoy Academic Saturday programs, a camping experience, Ranken Science Camp and community service.  An Academic Saturday is a field trip or special activity held once a month that is related to a topic covered in the classroom.  The annual camping excursion builds listening, teamwork, and leadership skills. Ranken Science Camp involves students in robotics, computers and engineering. In addition, Marian girls are committed to serving others in need.  Students participate in community service projects that result in approximately sixty hours of service completed each year.


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