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The NativityMiguel model empowers middle schools to provide a unique faith based education that breaks the cycle of poverty in underserved communities across America.  In turn, our schools empower thousands of students at a critical developmental crossroad to realize their full potential, forge brighter futures, and enjoy the lifelong benefits of a holistic education.  All NativityMiguel schools must meet the following nine standards:

A NativityMiguel School is explicitly faith-based in its mission.

A NativityMiguel School offers a financially accessible, not tuition-based education to students from low-income families in impoverished communities.

A NativityMiguel School practices a holistic education approach by addressing the academic, physical, social, emotional, moral, and spiritual needs of each student.

A NativityMiguel School promotes family involvement in the education of the child and provides opportunity for the growth of the support system.

A NativityMiguel School extends the hours and days that a student is in session and offers structured opportunities for learning, enrichment, and growth during that time.

A NativityMiguel School offers a Graduate Support Program that eases a graduate’s transition into high school; tutors, advocates for, and maintains a connection with all graduates during high school; supports the high school in preparing the student for graduation and post-secondary education; and tracks the growth and achievements of all graduates.

A NativityMiguel School is governed by an effective administrative structure that includes a strong board comprised of leaders, committed to the financial and academic sustainability of the school, and a working administrative team, based on the president/principal model, that attends to the operational and educational stability and vitality of the school.

A NativityMiguel School is accredited by a recognized accrediting association as providing a quality middle school education that will prepare students for success in high school; and utilizes standardized tests and other appropriate assessments to track and document student performance and adapt the educational design if needed.

A NativityMiguel School is an active participant in the collaboration, support, and development of the school’s respective network.  This includes conferences and institutes, collegial visits, data gathering, etc.


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