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About Us
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Marian Middle School, the only all girls middle school serving urban adolescent youth in the St. Louis community, provides an educationally challenging environment.  Located in south St. Louis city, we offer students and their families many unique advantages.  The faculty and staff are experienced, certified professionals assisted by dedicated volunteers, mentors and tutors.

Motivated by statistics that young girls fare better academically in single gender schools, eight communities of women religious sisters, and several lay women dedicated their resources to provide an alternative for economically disadvantaged students.  All have a long history of service in the St. Louis area and outstanding reputations for their ministries of education, social work, healthcare, and prayer.

Mission Statement
Marian Middle School, a Catholic school serving adolescent girls of all religious, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by fostering their spiritual, academic, social, moral, emotional, and physical development in preparation for and successful completion of college preparatory high schools.

Our Logo
The cross symbolizes Christianity, while the directional movement and uplifting figures of the girls celebrate the joy and potential that is before them.  The graphic design of the elements working together suggests action and harmony.  The emphasis of the logo is on the joy of learning and growing in a positive and caring environment.  The logo expresses the hope that the girls will succeed in making their dreams reality through work and sacrifice.


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Marian Middle School 
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