Academically Prepared and Optimistic

Prepared and Optimistic

Nikki, Class of 2013 “Nikki is a freshman at Washington University in St. Louis. She’s optimistic about her own future, and Marian’s as well. Nikki … Read More

Ending on a High Note

Kyndall, Class of 2017 Kyndall joined the Marian family as a outgoing fifth grader in 2013. Like nearly all Marian Girls, she was underperforming and needed … Read More

Doing What She’s Meant To Do

Jalila is one of our amazing eighth graders. She’s well known at Marian for writing and performing free form poetry. Jalila writes about culture, … Read More

A perfect example of a Marian Girl

Lonjay, Class of 2017 Lonjay joined the Marian Middle School family in October 2013 as a reserved, underperforming fifth grader. Her standardized tests showed … Read More

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