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Marian Middle School is a welcoming environment where girls can be their authentic selves and experience opportunities and careers they dream about. Our Care Team is an integral part of the mission of Marian to provide a holistic educational journey from 5th grade to career success. Within that Care Team is an expert staff that focuses on the social, emotional, mental health and the urgent wrap-around service needs of each Marian Girl.

Mental illness and personal challenges do not affect any one specific group of people — they impact us all, including Marian Girls. Talking with a counselor outside of school is a challenge, and that’s why they have daily access to our counseling services. Supporting the Starlight Club provides immediate access to the social and mental health needs of  Marian Girls in middle school, high school, and college.

Many Marian Girls face traumatic experiences such as as homelessness, unsafe housing, the loss of a parent from gun violence, and depression and thoughts of suicide. Access to the quality mental health services provided at Marian empowers our students to safely process and overcome obstacles so they can reach their full potential, and ultimately find career success.

Marian has these resources in place  to ensure Marian Girls get the help they need, when they need it. Our students know they never have to face a traumatic experience alone because Marian is with them every step of the way.

These services ensure the entire well-being of each Marian Girl is addressed and supported.

Marian's Emotional and Mental Health Support

School Counseling
Anticipates and meets the day to day mental and social emotional needs of students, like building self-esteem and coping skills, and addressing behavioral issues at school.

School-based Liscensed Therapy
Enables students to access licensed therapy at school to address and process severe trauma and emotional distress, like losing a loved one, depression, and thoughts of self-harm.

Family Student Resources and Support
Provides wrap-around resources to students and families in times of crisis, such as housing loss, utility and food assistance, loss of employment and school transportation.

These services are offered through Marian’s Care Team to ensure the entire well-being of each Marian Girl is addressed and supported.

By joining the Starlight Club, you will guarantee students have access to these vital resources to ensure  Marian Girls experience healthier social, emotional, and overall wellness at a critical time in their development.


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By joining the Starlight Club you will light the way to vital support for the well-being of Marian Girls, ensuring their path to success!

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Please contact Kristin Gumper at 314.771.7674 x24 or [email protected] with questions about the Starlight Club or Marian Middle School.

As a member of the Starlight Club, you’ll continue to shine a bright light on our Marian Girls every day through mental health services. Thank you!

Marian Middle School Starlight Club




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