Marian is an all-girl, family-focused, and faith-based school. Students receive a transformational education and enrichment programming during their middle school years and graduate support throughout high school and college so they can develop the critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, and life skills needed to succeed. From fifth grade through career success, we are Educating Girls for Life!

Marian Middle School

Faith-Filled Life

While respecting the religious tradition and heritage of each of our students, Marian Middle School, founded on Christian values reflected in the Gospels, manifests those values in all our efforts and models what it means to live life grounded in living one’s faith.

Quality Education

Marian Middle School’s programs emphasize an academic foundation and offer a full range of educational opportunities to enable alumnae to choose a high school with a strong college preparatory program. Students learn communication, critical-thinking, problem solving, leadership, and life skills, and thereby develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence in their ability to overcome personal obstacles.

Family and Community Spirit

Marian Middle School promotes family values and provides opportunities for each student to be a good family member as well as to reach out and serve the larger community in which her family resides.

Respect for the Uniqueness of the Individual

Marian Middle School fosters a genuine respect for all individuals and recognizes each person as an unrepeatable creation of our loving God with unique, valued qualities.

Service to Foster Justice, Peace, and Equality

Marian Middle School is grounded in respect for fair and just treatment of all and in building healthy relationships in a harmonious setting.

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September 19, 2024


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