LaDaria, Class of 2011

LaDaria enrolled at Marian as a bright sixth grader with amazing, untapped potential. At Marian, she experienced challenging academics and received personal attention from teachers for the first time in her life. She claims her Marian education formed her into the focused, driven young woman she is today.

Always one to strive for excellence, LaDaria graduated from Rosati-Kain High School with a 3.5 GPA. For the past two school years, she has been studying nursing and psychology at Missouri State University. This year, she is excited to attend Chamberlain College of Nursing. To prepare for her future as a nurse, LaDaria has already completed two internships with St. Luke’s Hospital. She takes great pride in her academic achievements and thanks Marian for inspiring her to work hard to achieve her dreams: “Marian isn’t just my middle school; it is also a backbone to my success.”

“LaDaria never loses sight of her goals. Even when facing tragedies, family challenges, and personal distractions, she stays committed to her education and future.” ~Kaitlyn Sanders, director of college and career success (summer 2017)

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