Thanks to support from donors like you, urban adolescent girls across the St. Louis region are provided with a life-altering education, as well as spiritual, social, moral, emotional, and physical support…10 hours a day, 10 months a year, and for the rest of their lives.

It costs more than $15,000 to educate one Marian student each school year. Family contributions toward tuition are based on income, with the average family paying just $400 per year. The other 96 percent of the costs come from community contributions (individuals, foundations, and corporations) and ensures that the education we provide our students is cutting-edge, holistic, and ongoing. Your gift will help us bridge the gap between the cost of providing quality education to girls of high potential but limited resources and the annual tuition each family pays.

  • $20,000 provides funding for our Academic Program, which focuses heavily on STEM education
  • $15,000 fully bridges the funding gap for one student to attend Marian for one academic year (includes summer programming)
  • $10,000 provides students with updated technology like 3D printers and makerarms
  • $7,500 buys textbooks for core classes for an entire grade level
  • $5,000 covers a scholarship for one alumna in high school
  • $2,500 funds extracurricular activities, like Robotics, through our Enrichment Program
  • $1,000 helps purchase school supplies and uniforms for students
  • $500 funds an Academic Saturday field trip
  • $250 helps offset expenses of our healthy meals program for one academic year
  • $100 offsets the cost of providing coats, gloves, shoes, glasses, and other items to a girl in need

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