“Lonjay is one of the most dedicated students I’ve had the pleasure to teach. She is a perfect example of a Marian Girl – she has had circumstances in her life that would cause most of us to stumble and give up, but she continues to pursue her goals and achieve them. Several months ago, Lonjay had the opportunity to choose a better living situation, closer to immediate family and a stronger support system. Instead, she chose to stay where she lives now, because if she moved she would be unable to attend Marian. She has vocalized several times that she knows Marian is her best pathway to a strong high school, which then is her best pathway to success. She was accepted to Nerinx and awarded scholarships to attend; learning and growing at Nerinx will provide a great foundation for her future endeavors. Lonjay is driven to succeed, and she also is friendly and joyful. I have seen her blossom in her time at Marian, and I think Marian has provided a safe yet challenging space for Lonjay to flourish both as a student and as a young woman.” ~Sara Mashburn, language arts teacher (spring 2017)

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