Transforming Lives,
Building for Our Future

Announcing Our 2020 Capital Campaign – Supporting Transformational ChangeSupport Our 2020 Capital Campaign

Transforming Lives, Building Our Future - 2020 Capital Campaign

As we celebrate 20 years of Educating Girls for Life, we are excited for the future and proudly announce our $5 Million Capital Campaign – Transforming Lives, Building for Our Future. We have made a dramatic impact on Marian Girls with limited resources and outdated facilities in the past 20 years, and know that our campaign is the next step in realizing transformational change. Our two-pronged campaign will fund Capital Improvements and the increasing need for our Graduate Support Program.

Marian Middle School built in 1941

What it provides – Capital Improvements

Our three-story school building is 79 years old and the adjacent gymnasium (newly named the Performing Arts Center) is 55 years old. A recent facilities assessment revealed a number of improvements essential to the general maintenance and sustainability of our two buildings.


Infrastructure Needs

Classroom building

  • Upgrade restroom facilities, an elevator and a new wheelchair entrance to make the building ADA compliant
  • Install energy efficient classroom windows
  • Replace defective flat roofs
  • Repair defective steel lintels
  • Improve fire safety and compartmentation
  • Install energy efficient air conditioning and heating
  • Improve lighting and electrical system
  • Install new fire alarm, sprinklers and improved security systems

Enrichment building

  • Replace defective flat roofs and provision of safe rooftop access for maintenance
  • Refurbish and repair of all windows and doors
  • Repair concrete defects
  • Upgrade restroom facilities and installation of a lift, for ADA compliance
  • Replace life expired heating and cooling system
  • Install new fire alarm and improved security systems

Building Improvements

  • Increase storage throughout both buildings
  • Upgrade Wi-Fi service throughout the complex
  • Add aesthetic and design improvements throughout both buildings

Performing Arts Building

  • Construct a performing arts stage
  • Create an improved dance studio
  • Install a new wood floor in the sports hall
  • Improve shower and changing facilities
  • Design vocal and instrumental music spaces
Support for our Graduate Support Program

What it provides – Graduate Support

Marian’s holistic approach to education is based on a foundation of providing a quality education steeped in faith, strong academics, enrichment, and long-term post-graduate support. From day one, Marian Girls are taught that professional development and workforce readiness is the guiding force to break the cycle of poverty.

Significant support for our Graduate Support Program is needed to ensure the long-term viability of this crucial Marian pillar. Funding is needed for:

  • Staff mentoring the increasing number of Marian alumnae throughout their high school and college years
  • Assisting with high school scholarships
  • ACT/SAT counseling
  • Assistance with FAFSA documentation
  • Connections to internships and career opportunities

Campaign Goals and What We’ve Accomplished:

  • Overall campaign goal — $5.0 Million
    • $3.0 Million to Capital Improvements
    • $2.0 Million to Graduate Support Program
  • Current raised to-date $4.1 Million
    • Primarily through individual donors and long-term advocates for Marian

Installing new energy efficient windows.

Phase I – Completed Improvements:

  • Installed new, energy efficient windows and lighting in the main school building
  • Completed window and door repairs in the Performing Arts Center
  • Provided ADA accessibility in main school building
  • Replaced the nearly 80-year-old boiler system with an energy-efficient HVAC system in main school building and Performing Arts Center
  • Installed our first ever wifi and hotspots in the Performing Arts Center


Phase II – Improvements in Progress:

  • Completing abatement in both buildings
  • Updating restrooms in main school building for ADA-compliance
  • Laying new flooring in the main school building and Performing Arts Center
  • Painting throughout both buildings to reflect the personality and spirit of Marian Girls
  • Building our first-ever recording studio and choir room, performing arts stage, and refurbished dance studio in the Performing Arts Center
  • Updating the fire safety equipment and installing a fire alert system throughout both buildings
  • Upgrading restroom facilities, adding a shower and locker room in the Performing Arts Center
  • Installing a new wood floor for the gym in the Performing Arts Center


Graduate Support Program Funding:

Our Graduate Support Program is a critical component of ensuring the long-term success of Marian Girls in their high school, college and career journeys to truly end the cycle of poverty for their families. The Capital Campaign provides much needed funding:

  • A $2 million reserve for graduate support ensures the long-term viability of the program
  • Funding reserves will support high school and college preparation and critical guidance for career success
  • Each year funding reserves will provide an annual $300,000 sustained disbursement to provide Marian alums the tools and they need to become strong independent women

The impact of the Graduate Support Program is evident as we look at the success of our students and what the funding has provided. Here’s just a glimpse of the accomplishments of Marian Girls over the past year, much of it made possible through the Graduate Support Program.

  • 68 current high school students
  • 100% high school graduation rate in 2020
  • 45 current college students
  • 17 graduating high school students — attending 12 different colleges including; Maryville University, Missouri Science and Technology, Truman State University, Southeast Missouri State University, Webster University, Tennessee State University, Ranken Technical College, and Xavier University in Louisiana
  • 14 Graduating 8th graders — attending 4 different academically rigorous high schools across the region including Bishop DuBourg, Incarnate Word Academy, Rosati-Kain High School, and Villa Duchesne
  • High school scholarships for 11 students totaling $75,800, plus $5,775 scholarships designated specifically for textbooks

How you can be part of the transformation:

Get involved today and together we can transform lives and continue to build bright futures for the girls of Marian Middle School.

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