Nikki, Class of 2013

“Nikki is a freshman at Washington University in St. Louis. She’s optimistic about her own future, and Marian’s as well. Nikki welcomed me on a recent visit to campus. She was excited to share the thrill of being a freshman at a top notch university. She added, ‘Marian prepared me academically. It’s a two-way street. If you’re willing to do the work, Marian is able to bring you to the place you want to be.’

“She smiles as she reflects on our motto, ‘Once a Marian Girl, Always a Marian Girl.’ She’s excited to see the STEM Lab and building improvements at Marian. It reassures her to know that Marian is growing and improving all the time. One day in the future, she hopes to return to Marian. Nikki beams at the idea of being introduced. She’ll speak to students, like many professional women already do. Until then, she’s working hard to prepare herself.

“Nikki is on a pre-med track, taking general chemistry and calculus this semester. A great self advocate, Nikki learned to ask for help as she made her way through high school at Cor Jesu Academy. She and her older sister, Kristi, are both alums. They credit many people for opening doors that might have remained closed. ‘There were surprising times when people would say yes.’ Nikki was accepted at a number of great universities. Unfortunately, the maze of college costs was overwhelming. With the help of an admissions counselor, she asked for more financial aid than initially offered. Nikki selected Washington University in St. Louis when they accepted her request. She’s thrilled with her choice and is especially grateful for the many people who encouraged her along the way.

“Thank you for your generous support. Marian students like Nikki can’t wait to share their good news with you!” ~Kate Stroble, Ignatian Volunteer Corps volunteer (fall 2017)

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