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Guiding Values
Responsibility and respect are two words that characterize the environment at Marian Middle School.  Teachers and staff alike model these concepts and nurture them in students.  Students wear simple uniforms of blue/khaki slacks and white tops and leave their electronics home.  They’re expected to be on time and homework is ready.  Students and staff are partners in minimizing distractions and enhancing the learning environment.

Quality Education
Marian Middle School’s program emphasizes an academic foundation and offers a full range of educational experiences that enables its graduates to choose a high school with a strong college preparatory program.  Students learn communication, critical-thinking, problem solving, leadership, and life skills, and thereby develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence in their ability to overcome personal obstacles.

Service to Foster Justice, Peace, and Equality
Marian Middle School’s program of study and activities is grounded in respect for fair and just treatment of all and in building healthy relationships in a harmonious setting.

Respect for the Uniqueness of the Individual
Marian Middle School fosters a genuine respect for each student and recognizes each girl as an unrepeatable creation of our loving God with unique, valued qualities to be developed under the guidance of caring individuals.

Faith-Filled Life
While respecting the religious tradition and heritage of each of its students, Marian Middle School, founded on Christian values reflected in the Gospels, manifests those values in all its efforts and models what it means to live life grounded in living one’s faith.

Family and Community Spirit
Marian Middle School promotes family values and provides opportunities for each girl to be a good family member as well as to reach out and serve the larger community in which her family resides.


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