Educating Girls for Life: A Podcast


Educating Girls for Life is a podcast developed in partnership with iHeartRADIO. Marian Middle School is an innovative, all-girls school in St. Louis, Missouri, founded by a group of 14 courageous women 20 years ago.

Join us in this first installment of Educating Girls for Life, featuring Sister Madonna O’Hara and Sister Barbara Roche, 2 of the 14 foundresses who began Marian Middle School. As schools opened up in St. Louis to support boys, these two visionaries were among the women who challenged preconceived notions and founded Marian Middle School for girls. They believed with all their being that girls with limited means, but high potential, deserved a high quality education and the support to thrive. Today, 265 young girls and counting are prepared to become the next generation of leaders, because of this powerful group of women who believed life-changing education could help break the cycle of poverty.

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