Marian Girls Working Hard To Save the Puppies

by Paulette and Kayla (PR Quest Group)

We have been talking to and interviewing the Animal Quest Group about what they are doing and why.

What is Quest or a Quest Group?

“Quest is a time on Wednesdays when Marian girls split into different groups and do things that help the community while using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). The girls use their STEM skills in many different ways that can help them through life while helping others too. The Animal Quest Group has nine students in total.

The Animal Quest Group is trying to make better shelters for animals by researching puppy mills and avoiding the bad things that mills do. Puppy mills are legal, and sadly there is nothing illegal about how they operate. The group is also taking field trips to places like the Humane Society and Pet Smart to learn about animals and what is a good environment for them.

A student named Kennidi is thinking of some questions for the Zoo so the Quest Group can know what things the animals need to have for a good and natural habitat. Instead of getting a dog from a pet store where puppy mill dogs are sold, the group suggests people get dogs from a place where they rescue abused dogs. Another student, Coriauna, is thinking big and wants to build her own shelter for animals. Her first step is to make blueprints and a model for the structure of the building.

The whole group is working very hard so animals can be treated humanely. These girls are not just using STEM but also the caring side of themselves. Their solution to puppy mills is to tell people by handing out fliers at stores to inform them about what puppy mills are and where those dogs are sold.

So all together, these young ladies have put a lot of time and dedication into the projects. They are working hard and putting their minds together to make a better community for the animals.”

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