Triniti, Class of 2014

“When I think of what it means to be a Marian Girl, I think of a young lady who is bright, driven, adventurous, and has so much potential to be and do whatever she wants. Despite whatever circumstances life may throw at her, she is determined to reach her goals. I see all of those qualities and more in Triniti.

“I met Triniti as a sophomore in high school, as she was one of the many welcoming faces that greeted me when I started working in the Graduate Support Program. Now entering her senior year of high school, I have watched Triniti overcome several obstacles all while persevering and displaying confidence and poise in every situation. Triniti has taken full advantage of the support offered from the Graduate Support Program. She has been a volunteer here at the school, gone on college visits, and even earned an internship through the St. Louis Internship Program.

“In every adventure she has worked hard and shown just how determined and committed she is to achieving her goals. I’ve personally seen this commitment displayed on multiple occasions while observing Triniti practice for the ACT in my office.  In an essay for another internship with the St. Louis Artworks Program, Triniti wrote, ‘It taught me to never back down when things don’t seem to look bright or easy because the end result is so much better than the beginning.’

“It is because of those words but more so her actions that I know Triniti will have a strong finish to her high school career and will go on to lead a very successful life! I am extremely proud to work with an amazing young lady like Triniti!” ~Tamara Harris, college success officer (summer 2017)

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