Sierhah Price serves as Principal of Marian Middle School. She began her career at Marian in 2015 as a 5th grade math, science, and STEM teacher. Sierhah departed Marian in 2018 to earn her MBA and Master’s of Educational Leadership from Saint Louis University before returning in 2021 as Assistant Principal and Director of Career Success. In this role, Sierhah led the expansion of Marian’s Graduate Support Program by establishing formal internships with forward-thinking business leaders across the St. Louis community.

Equipped with relevant teaching experience, transformative organizational leadership, and a profound understanding of the student and family experience, Sierhah ascended to the role of Interim-Principal in December 2022. Her skillset proved pivotal in the wake of the pandemic. Sierhah helped the school community recover by reshaping Marian’s academic programs to close student learning gaps, strengthening Marian’s team of student-centered faculty and staff, and better integrating enrichment and wellness programming structured to benefit students’ mental and physical well-being. She will continue her leadership as the Principal for the 2023-2024 school year.

Sierhah sees herself in many of the students; affectionately imparting she is an example of what’s possible, not probable. Her philosophies on self-belief, self-confidence, and self-identity have helped countless students realize and appreciate their innate value. In 2022, an alumna Sierhah once taught established an annual scholarship titled, The “She Is” Scholarship, to support future generations of Marian Girls. Six Marian Girls have since received the scholarship. In 2023, Sierhah appeared in media across St. Louis touting the achievements and potential of Marian Girls, including how Marian Middle School’s ‘Tigerbots’ show that girls can dominate in STEM on NPR.

A servant leader outside of Marian, Sierhah has participated in mission opportunities teaching reading skills to children in Belize, and continues to mentor teachers as they hone their craft. In her spare time, Sierhah loves to travel and host dinner parties for friends and family.

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